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We are here to help you achieve success! The Sana team undertakes a commitment to deliver the best eCommerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ever as well as all kind of support materials: documentation, video tutorials, eLearning courses. We know how important support is – our dedicated team of experts will help you to solve any issues. Our mission is to help system administrators, ERP installation specialists, ERP administrators, IT specialists, web store administrators, managers and consultants learn everything they need about Sana, absorb knowledge from our experts and build their skills.

Installing and managing your Sana web store shouldn’t be hard – and with a rich set of eLearning materials it never is.

Except our online courses that will help you learn Sana at your own pace and when the time is right for your busy schedule, you can also learn from our Sana online help and Sana YouTube channel.

We are always seeking feedback to improve our courses. If you are our “student” and have any questions, feedback, remarks or suggestions, please send them to us. This is the most effective way to get heard, as both the teaching staff and the Dean of Sana University constantly check your feedback. Sana welcomes your feedback on our online courses. Use the following e-mail to send us your comments. Share your ideas with the Dean of Sana University! We read all your comments carefully and consider all our customers’ opinions in order to improve Sana eLearning experience. Help us make our Sana University better for you!

If you have any problems accessing the courses or any other areas of Sana University, please write an e-mail to:

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