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This is the place to start learning about Sana Commerce, the e-Commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.

Training sessions from Sana experts are designed to help you get the best from your Sana store and increase your business potential.

Immerse yourself in the Sana Commerce installation and web store administration online trainings, experience the product at first hand, try our guided sessions and take a tour through the management of your Sana web store and various product features. Take your expertise in management of your Sana web store to the next level with Sana online training.

We offer the Sana web store administration and installation online trainings that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Due to a convenient delivery method, this is a perfect option if you do not have time as there is no need to register and schedule a live training meeting. It can be taken at any time you like! Our training allows you to start and stop at any point in a course, so you can focus on a particular topic or area. Sana online training is a great complement to the live trainings conducted by our support consultants.