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Sana University is your gateway to mastering Sana Commerce, the leading e-commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.

Designed by seasoned Sana Commerce experts, our courses are carefully crafted to empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize your Sana webstore and unlock its full business potential.

Dive into our online training modules where you'll gain hands-on experience in Sana Commerce webstore administration. Engage in guided sessions and explore a comprehensive tour of managing your Sana webstore, along with a huge number of product features. Elevate your Sana Commerce proficiency to new heights with our cutting-edge online courses.

Accessible anytime, anywhere, our Sana University offers unparalleled convenience. With no scheduling required, it's the perfect choice for busy professionals. You have the flexibility to pause and resume courses at your convenience, allowing you to focus on specific topics or areas of interest. Our online courses seamlessly complement the live sessions conducted by our dedicated consultants.

Embark on your journey to mastery with Sana University and unleash the full potential of your Sana webstore.

Sana University is exclusively for Sana Commerce customers and partners. To access our courses, if you belong to either of these categories, please register using your company account. Our consultants will then review and approve your registration and grant access to the courses.